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Caramel Indulgence (gluten-free option available)

Caramel Indulgence (gluten-free option available)

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A chocolate brownie layered with buttery homemade caramel, studded with dark chocolate chunks and walnuts, then topped with chocolate chips, more walnuts, and a thick drizzle of chocolate ganache and caramel. Our caramel is silky, buttery, and completely made from scratch using butter, brown sugar, condensed milk, real vanilla, and salt. It is carefully stirred by hand over a hot plate for up to 30 minutes to achieve a perfect consistency! The caramel is poured as the middle layer of the chocolate walnut brownie, and then it is drizzled over the top with dark chocolate ganache. Sinful, sticky, and indulgent.


Gluten-free (It’s the same gourmet brownie, but without flour or other gluten-containing products. They’re baked with buckwheat that is locally sourced from a farm in West Virginia!)


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